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Ethical Guidelines of Editorial Policy


The Editorial Board relies in its activity upon regulations of the Chapter 70 "Author's Right" of the RF Civil Code.

When an article is received for publication, the author should sign a written consent to the publication of the provided material. It is desirable to specify sponsors research that contributed to the publication.

Our journal fully supports the position of COPE in matters of Publication Ethics.

Also, the article must be accompanied by a recommendation appropriate department of higher education or cover letter from the organization, which should be stated that these materials do not contain secret scientific or commercial information not be disclosed .

Only original articles that have never been published should be sent for publication. In the case of plagiarism detection of provided materials editors refuses to print the article and reserves the right not to accept further material of this author for publication.

All submitted articles receive a review of at least one reviewer, which is one of the leading experts on this scientific direction. Name of the reviewer and other information about it, as a rule, were not disclosed. Editorial reviewer provides mandatory form (questionnaire) to fill and should obtain the most objective review.

Editorial Board does not accept materials for publication of a political nature and articles containing incorrect or false information.

When submitting an article for publication, the author must provide information about yourself, including the place of employment, position and contact information, some of which - a place of work and e-mail - will be subsequently published in the journal.

Editorial Board of “Izvestiya VUZov. Chernaya metallurgiya = Izvestiya. Ferrous Metallurgy” is solely responsible for the materials published in the journal. The editorial staff will make every effort to resolve conflicts related publications, including the publication of a retraction and correction of errors in articles and reviews .


Leont’ev Leopold Igorevich

Chief Editor Izvestia - Ferrous Metallurgy