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Technical requirements for the articles


The articles that are sent to the journal “Izvestiya VUZov. Chernaya metallurgiya = Izvestiya. Ferrous Metallurgy” should meet the requirements as below:

1. The article sending to the editorial board should be accompanied with the recommendations of the relevant department of the university (letter from the company) where the authors (or at least the first author) are working.

2. The article manuscript must also be accompanied by a License Agreement (Download) on the right of publishing without compensation. It should be filled, signed by all the authors, and supplied in a scanned form in the pdf format.

3. Standard volume of the article is 8-10 printed pages and 3-4 pictures or tables. The article should be structured and include (IMRAD) : introduction, description of the research method, results, their analysis and discussion, conclusions.

5. The articles should have no more than 5 authors. Information about every author should be supplied (company, occupation, academic degree or title, mailing address, phone, e-mail) in Russian and English.

6. The article should be certainly supplied with abstract (summary), key words and references (bibliographic list).

7. The abstract (summary) should reflect content of the article rather completely. It should consist of 200-250 words. The abstract should be translated into English.

8. Key words should be contain more that 7-10 items average and should be translated into English.

9. Picture and table captions should be translated into English.

10. References should include in average at least 20 sources (not more than 20 % of these sources can be references on the own author's publications). References should contain at least 50% of publications of foreign authors. References should include:

  • referring to the journal article - surname and initials of the authors, full journal title, year of publication, volume (if available), issue number, pages of the beginning and end of the article;
  • referring to the book - surname and initials of the authors, title of the book, place of publishing, publisher, year of publishing, total number of pages;
  • referring to the article in collection - title of collection, number of issue or volume, place of publishing, publisher, pages of the beginning and end of the article;
  • for web-links - titles of Internet resource and publication, access mode.

Number of every reference in the text of the article should be given in square brackets in corresponding place of the text.

Review articles should have a bibliography, containing not less than 40 sources.

11. References should be printed in Roman script; any non-Roman sources are to be transliterated in Roman script (https://antropophob.ru/translit-bsi), including surname and initials of the authors and title of publication source. Titles of books and articles should be translated into English, and the technical reductions (issue, volume, page, etc.) must be translated using standard notation.

12. When writing down the article to the electronic memory device or when sending the article by e-mail, its text part should be saved or sent in separate file that can be opened by Word for Windows. The pictures should be saved or sent as separate graphic files in TIF, EPS or PSD mode with sufficient resolution (at least 300 dpi). The caption text should be printed italics with Times New Roman 9 font. The formula should have clearly fit.

13. Physical units and designations should be presented in SI - International System of Units.

14. Brief reports should have an independent scientific value and characterized by novelty and originality. The volume of brief report is 2-3 printed pages and 1 picture or table. The text should be printed with 2 intervals between lines and with Times New Roman 14 font. There should not more than 3 authors. The requirements for the brief reports are the same as for the articles.

15. All articles are reviewed before the publishing. For more information about the additorial policy and publication ethics check Ethical Guidelines of Editorial Policy.

16. If the article was returned to the author for correction (or rejection) the submit date is the day or receipt of the final text.


Leont’ev Leopold Igorevich

Chief Editor Izvestia - Ferrous Metallurgy