Ferrous Metallurgy
Scientific-technical journal.
Published since January 1958. Post code: 70383
ISSN 2410-2091 (Online), ISSN 0368-0797 (Print)

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Dear readers!

We inform you that in 2016 we have opened an electronic subscription to tour journal "Izvestiya. Ferrous metallurgy".

The journal comes out 12 times a year, the subscription index in the catalog "Russian Press" is 70383.

You can make a subscription in agencies - ARZI, Ural-Press MK-Periodicals, Informnauka, and at the offices of the Russian Post through the catalog "Press of Russia".

Or you can also subscribe to our journal with the help of the journal editors.

The subscription price at the editorial office is: the print version for 6 months -. 6864 rubles a year -. 13 728 rubles, incl. VAT 10%; the electronic version for 6 months -. 7590 rubles a year -. 15 180 rubles, incl. VAT 10%.

To subscribe at the editorial office you should send by e-mail the letter of inquiry with the details of your company for registration of the contracts and invoice. After payment of the invoice the subscription will be issued, new issues will be sent to the specified in the contract address immediately after their release.

If you need any assistance, please contact us.

Phone: +7 (499) 236-14-27, +7 (495) 638-44-11.



Leont’ev Leopold Igorevich

Chief Editor Izvestia - Ferrous Metallurgy